Exciting and yummy recipes for you to try to make super healthy protein bars at home!

When you start working out to get in shape, your trainer might suggest you eat a protein bar before starting. There are a lot of protein bars available that can meet all your requirements, and some people prefer what they consume to be 100% healthy and without this and that.

Here are three recipes you can try to make your own vegan gluten-free protein bars!
Flavors you are going to make:

Peanut butter banana

Almond cherry

Mango coconut

Main ingredients for making a protein bar: (P.S. take the following ingredients according to the flavor your protein bar is of!)
• Butter – 1 cup (almond/ peanut/ cashew/ sunflower seed)
• Mayple syrup – ¼ cup
• Protein powder – ¾ cup (vanilla/ chocolate/ berry or as you like)
• Gluten-free oat flour- 1 cup
• Ground flaxseed – 2 tbsp
• Dates – 2 piece, pitted and minced
• Add-inss –nuts/ seeds/ dried fruit/ chocolate etc
• Toppings- as per your desire.
Step to make the protein bar:
I. Add the nut butter, maple syrup, protein powder, oat flour, flax seeds and dates in a food processor and make a smooth better of it.
II. Add your add-ins.
III. Spread a winged parchment paper on the pan and pour in the batter you prepared on it uniformly.
IV. Freeze it for 10 minutes and cut them into bars. (P.S. enjoy them while they are still in shape!)
Now, most people can be allergic to flax seeds so they can replace it with mashed bananas or apple sauce. Once made, these can be consumed throughout the week, if refrigerated. Otherwise, you need to freeze them for six months to eat them anytime, anywhere.

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