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Temp mail means temporary email. These are the emails used by the user for a short time. These emails are also known as disposable emails. These have been created to maintain personal information or documents confidential from the spammers. The most commonly used spam emails are letters that offer you financial services or loans, etc. These spammers steal all the report from all email and use negatively.

That’s why now it is crucial to keep a check of the email you are regularly receiving. Now the question comes – how you can use this disposable or temporary email?

So, here are the few points to know about this-

How can temporary email be used?

By following these few steps, you will be able to learn how to use disposable email.

Undifferentiated email

A temp mail is an undifferentiated email which is similar to your primary email address and contains the same information. So, it is easy to handle, and you do not have to sign up on this email again


Sending of address

If you want to share your email address with someone, you have to only click on the copy button, and the address will share with other people.

Choice of deletion

There is a choice available to the user. Either user can delete the email or have to consider it essential and save it to the email.

Changing of domains

There is also a choice of changing the realms of your email. Suppose you have any issue regarding the appearance of the email. Then you can change the area of the email by just simply clicking on the change button. There are six domains available for your new temporary email.

Through the above-stated points, you can use disposable emails.

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